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Welcome to Empty Arms Foundation.

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) research.

Our mission is to raise funds and awareness through education and charity events in order to help advance plausible and promising SIDS research on the involvement of the brainstem and the neurotransmitter Serotonin.

SIDS is a sudden and unexpected death of a seemingly healthy infant during sleep and whose death remains unexplained even after a complete post mortem investigation including full autopsy and extensive examination of the death scene.

New research by Dr. Hannah Kinney, MD and her colleagues at Boston Children's Hospital give hope for an answer to SIDS and a SIDS diagnostic test and treatment to protect infants who have abnormalities in their Serotonin system.

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Latest News

  • Sparkle For SIDS
    Introducing our new fundraiser featuring Origami Owl Jewellery! Karla will be donating all profits to Dr. Kinney's research on SIDS at Boston Children's Hospital.
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  • A Grandmother's Letter
    Read this beautiful letter we received from a grandmother and retired Lt. Colonel in the USAF. She lost her grandson to SIDS and is now a strong supporter of research. Her story is very touching.
  • New SIDS Research Discovers Brain Abnormality
    New research by Dr. Kinney and her team published in the journal Pediatrics appears to confirm a brain abnormality as a cause of SIDS.

Coping with SIDS

Parents coping with SIDS
The loss of a child is devastating. Learn ways to cope and connect with others who face the same situation.

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Empty Arms Events
Our new fundraiser Sparkle For SIDS features Origami Owl Jewellery! All profits to SIDS research.


Latest research into SIDS
Dr. Hannah Kinney at Boston Children's Hospital is doing promising research into the biological cause of SIDS.


Precious babies lost to SIDS
Too many precious babies have been tragically lost to SIDS. Keep their memories alive on the Memorials page.

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Mother with her precious child
It's Time to Wake Up. Each week, three Canadian babies tragically do not.